Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it wrong to hate my dog???

Ok, so I don't really hate her...and I'll admit that most of the behavior you're about to have the extreme joy of reading about was caused by what was probably an upset stomach, but still...NOT pleasant to come home to!

My first clue that maybe something was amiss was that when I opened the back door and came in to the little space where Malu, my Boxer, is usually imprisoned for the day, I discovered that although the gate was still closed and latched, the aforementioned Boxer was not enclosed. I, of course, bellowed, "MALU!!!" and she came running. So, I shut her out in the yard and went to inspect what damage she might have done while loose in the house with no supervision (since a 7 month old puppy + empty house usually doesn't = good things). The living room looked ok, although littered with her toys and I began to breathe a sigh of relief. Oh, but no...WAIT...way too premature. The bedroom...the bedroom was a different story. The first thing I spotted was a big wet puddle...IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BED!!!!! Oh yes, yes, she did. She PEED ON MY BED! And then I spotted the rest of the mess. She had pooped numerous times on the rugs in the bedroom. Not on the easy to clean-up hardwood, but on my Turkish rugs. NICE! And...not the type of poop that is relatively easy to pick up either (sorry - this is gross, I know), which is what indicates to me that she was desperate and that's why she apparently jumped over the gate in search of a good potty spot. I'll admit I was pretty angry for quite awhile before I managed to calm down by telling myself she wasn't doing it on purpose, etc. Of course, she didn't win any points later in the evening either when we got to the dog park and she slipped her collar (which admittedly is partly my fault for it not being tighter) and took off. Thankfully, there were two very interesting looking dogs right at the fence and she didn't get far.

So, the dog and I are not having our best day ever. She's apparently exhausted from all the excitement and snoozing away curled in a ball on the couch, but me...I'm wading through the resulting laundry. ARGH! Tomorrow, she goes back to imprisonment in the crate. She can't jump her way out of that and now that she's learned that she can jump out of the spot by the back door, I have a feeling she won't be staying put for long in there and I'd prefer for this to be the one and only time EVER that I find a puddle of dog pee on my bed. EVER!!

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