Friday, October 17, 2008

I found it!!!

This afternoon I signed the least on a house in St. Louis and just an hour or so later I heard from the landlord that I was approved and have the house. So, it's official...and so much more real...I'm moving to St. Louis. It's a great little house in Richmond Heights with a nice, fenced-in yard for Malu in a neighborhood full of old brick houses on narrow streets lined with trees. After I signed the least and paid the deposit I drove around the area a bit and happened upon a great little wine shop so went in to check it out. I think it'll be a place I frequent for my wine purchases. I asked the guy if there was a place nearby that he would recommend for me to eat that would be casual and where I wouldn't be too conspicuous walking in by myself. He directed me to Boogaloo's. And it did not disappoint. It's a bar/restaurant in downtown Maplewood. It's Caribbean & Cuban food and it was really tasty. Of course, the first thing I tried was a traditional mojito, which was yummy. I've also discovered that the local microbrewery here is quite good as well. That makes it a little easier to leave behind my favorite local brews in Colorado. It was a good day and evening. It feels so good to know where I'll be living and to feel like I made a good decision on this. I'd seen an apartment yesterday that I really loved, mostly because the kitchen was gorgeous, but it didn't have a yard and I was worried that I'd be annoyed by having to take the dog out all the time. This house solves that problem. The kitchen isn't nearly as nice, but it's workable and the rest of the house and yard makes up for it.

And to top it all off?!?! I discovered today that Obama is speaking tomorrow under the arch. So, I'm striking out on my own in the morning to make my way down there and stake out a spot to hear him speak. I've been sad to miss him when he's been in Colorado, so I'm glad to be able to make up for it here. And it gives me the chance to check out the metro system.

So, I'm excited and thinking about all the opportunity and possibility that lies before me. Life is good, my friends!

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