Friday, January 9, 2009

3 little words

When I'm feeling down - and I have been lately - there are some things that are an automatic pick-me-up. One of the best things, of course, is hearing someone I love tell me that they love me. Always helps. Today that happened for me. And even better - it was my nephew, Fender. I answered my phone completely expecting to hear my brother Seth's voice. Instead it was the sweet, sweet voice of my very favorite 2 year old in the world. At one point in the conversation (most if it quite garbled actually) he said, " I LUH YOU!" And he said it as if he was trying to convince me of it. As if it was the defense of an argument about whether he loves me. Very emphatically and strongly. I was convinced. And there's not much better than that amazing little guy proclaiming that he loves me...unless he had his wonderful arms around my neck while he said it...but I'll take what I can get. I hung the phone up with a smile on my face which makes this day a whole heck of a lot better!

The amazing Fender Lewis Kent: